ABNS Exam Schedule

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NEW PGY2 Examination
Neuroanatomy Exam Available June 1- August 31 each year
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PGY2 $150.00
Primary Examination
Primary Examination March 11, 2022
Offered once per year.
Oral Examination
Offered twice per year.
Oral Examination 2021: ABNS Fall Oral Exam Nov. 12-13; virtual administration

2022: Spring, weekend of May 6th ABNS ORAL EXAM & ABNS ENRICHMENT

2022: Fall, Weekends of October 21st and November 4th  ABNS ORAL EXAM & ABNS ENRICHMENT

Recognized Focused Practice Examinations
CNS Endovascular surgery (CNS-ES) December 3, 2021 (PM)
Neurological Critical Care (NCC) December 3, 2021 (AM)
Pediatric Neurosurgery (PNS) May 13, 2022 (AM)
CNS Endovascular surgery (CNS-ES) May 13, 2022 (PM)
Neurological Critical Care (NCC) May 13, 2022 (AM)
Starting in 2022, the Pediatric and Neuro Critical Care RFP exams will be offered once a year on the second Friday of May.

The CNS Endovascular RFP exam will continue to be offered twice a year; on the second Friday of May and on the first Friday of December.

Our Commitment
The ABNS strives hard to create a level “playing field” for all candidates applying for ABNS certification, as such:

  • The ABNS discourages review of a candidate’s actual oral exam cases or slide presentations at any oral board preparation course. Course content and recommendations may not be consistent with the actual ABNS examination.
  • Candidates are encouraged to review their oral board cases and PowerPoint with colleagues, residency or practice mentors to prepare for the oral exam.
  • Guest examiners and directors will not participate in any oral board preparation course for the 12-month period following their participation as an ABNS examiner.