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LAST UPDATED 5:00 pm 3/20/2020

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ABNS 2020 Primary Exam FAQs

CDC information on COVID-19

ABMS statement on COVID-19

ABNS is committed to doing what we can to reduce the risk of community spread.¬† These are unprecedented times, let us all be kind and remember part of the ABNS mission is to “….serve the cause of public health”.

Unfortunately, due to the threat of COVID-19 the ABNS Oral Examination scheduled for May 2nd in Phoenix, AZ has been cancelled.

The ABNS’ Primary Exam is currently rescheduled for May 15th. Individuals who are currently registered to take the exam for self-assessment may change to take the exam for credit. Please send a written request to abns@abns.org to modify a registration. Please recognize that the May 15th date is tentative depending on the changing landscape of COVID-19.

Please check this website on a regular basis for updates.

Stay well!

Our Mission

The broad aim of The American Board of Neurological Surgery is to encourage the study, improve the practice, elevate the standards and advance the science of neurological surgery and thereby serve the cause of public health.

The American Board of Neurological Surgery welcomes your questions and comments. Please email them to the board at abns@abns.org. Thank you.

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