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Important Notice Regarding Academic Pathway

The ABNS recently announced that it is implementing a new demonstration program that will provide a pathway for neurosurgeons with exceptional qualifications who were not trained in an ACGME accredited residency program (e.g., trained abroad) to become ABNS Certified.   This pilot program is intended to recognize extraordinary contributions of widely acknowledged luminaries from non-ACGME training backgrounds (typically non-US training programs) to the training of neurosurgical residents and fellows.

Note that the program is NOT intended to serve as an alternative path to ABNS certification for those who started but did not complete an ACGME-accredited residency program, or for individuals who applied for but were not accepted into an ACGME program.  Consequently, this program is NOT intended to replace the need for training within an ACGME approved program for the vast majority of candidates for ABNS Certification.

Further, the review process to determine whether an individuals is eligible under the pilot program will be arduous and all aspects of the candidates training and service history will be critically reviewed.  It was always (and continues to be) the ABNS’ expectation that very few candidates will qualify for approval along this pathway.

After the program was announced, it became immediately apparent that some individuals and programs were interpreting the pathway as much broader than was intended.  Consequently, the program has been put on temporary hold while the ABNS considers changes to the qualifying criteria that will more closely match the ABNS’ intent.  We hope to announce the revised criteria shortly.  In the interim, any submitted applications will be put on hold for processing and the ABNS will not be accepting additional applications.

We continue to stress that this is a pilot program subject to change or expiration at any time.  Candidates and programs are strongly discouraged from making decisions regarding hiring, job changes or relocations based on this demonstration  program.  

Our Mission

The broad aim of The American Board of Neurological Surgery is to encourage the study, improve the practice, elevate the standards and advance the science of neurological surgery and thereby serve the cause of public health.

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The ABNS is committed to doing what we can to reduce the risk of community spread. These are unprecedented times, let us all be kind and remember part of the ABNS mission is to “….serve the cause of public health”.
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