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Reentry To Certification

Regaining ABNS Certification through an ABNS Reentry to Certification Pathway

A neurosurgeon may need to regain ABNS Certification through the ABNS Reentry to Certification pathway for several reasons, including but not limited to:

  • Timing out after failing to complete all certification requirements within specified timelines
  • Failing to pass the oral exam in three attempts
  • Involuntary loss of medical license(s)
  • Disciplinary actions taken by the state medical board.
  • Legal infractions
  • Failing to pay annual dues or complete Continuous Certification requirements for two consecutive years or two nonconsecutive years within a 10-year certification period

During this time, these neurosurgeons may not hold themselves out to patients, hospitals, other health facilities, employers, medical societies, associations, payors, or the public as “board eligible,” “tracking toward certification,” “in the certification process” or otherwise to that effect.