RFP EXAMS offered on June 12th (click here for more details)

Recognition of Focused Practice in CNS Endovascular Surgery

This RFP has been approved by the ABMS and has the goal of recognizing candidates who have successfully completed a(n) standardized neuroendovascular training program and met practice criteria, thereby elevating and advancing patient care for the public good. This RFP is co-sponsored by The American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN) and  American Board of Radiology (ABR).


Fellow Credentialing

Certification of fellows trained in CAST,  ACGME or ACNS fellowships will be done by a committee termed CESAC (CNS Endovascular SurgeryAdvisory Committee) under the auspices of the ABNS.

CESAC is charged with:

1) writing the cognitive exam (ABNS will refer to this exam as the RFP Endovascular exam)

2) writing an annual adaptive learning tool module to be given in conjunction with member board continuous certification exercises

3)  determining the details of the required practice data submission (both initial and annual) and the metrics by which that data is approved or denied

4) recommending approval for initial RFP in CNS Neuroendovascular Surgery by their respective Boards

5) details and specification related to grandfathering into the RFP in CNS Endovascular Surgery

Post-Fellowship CNS ENDO RFP Credentialing Requirements
To proceed with RFP credentialing after completing a CAST, ACGME or UCNS fellowship, candidates must take the following steps:

*Submit a complete application to the ABNS, which must include but not limited to:

*Certificate of successful completion of a CAST, ACGME or UCNS accredited neuroendovascular surgery fellowship

*Up to date CV

*Evidence of unencumbered license to practice medicine

*Evidence of unrestricted credentials to practice from CMO of current hospital or department chair

*Successful completion of the CNS Endovascular RFP written examination taken after fellowship completion

*Proof of good standing with primary ABMS certifying board

*Case log of 200 cases; within the last 24 months from date of submission

Case requirements and subtypes

Must prove focus of practice

Continuing Certification Requirements for ABNS RFP in CNS Endovascular Surgery
Annual continuing certification in this RFP will require the following:

*Maintenance of primary board certification
*Proof of unencumbered state license(s)
*Proof of unencumbered staff privileges in each hospital at which the applicant practices*Documentation of satisfactory participation in CC
*Completion of annual CNS Endovascular learning tool /RFP specific module offered by ABNS (on-line)
*Letter from COS or equivalent supporting that individual’s practice is focused in neuroendovascular surgery