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Neuroanatomy Exam

Proficiency in neuroanatomy is fundamental for aspiring neurosurgeons. The neuroanatomy exam supplements the ABNS Primary Exam which is generally taken later in residency. The neuroanatomy exam must be mastered before the resident can register to take the ABNS Primary Exam for credit.

This neuroanatomy exam is comprised of 100 questions divided into 5 sections. A minimum score of 90% is required to pass each section. Immediate feedback is provided after each question, and if a resident fails to achieve the required score in a section, the exam locks for one day to allow for further study. Residents have up to 4 attempts to pass the entire exam.

Program Coordinators and Directors will be informed if mastery is not achieved. The Program Director and resident will be responsible for designing a remediation plan. Upon completion of the plan, the Program Director must email the ABNS confirming the resident's remediation. The resident will then need to reregister and pay the exam fee. The resident will then be allowed 4 new attempts to master the exam.

Neuroanatomy Exam resource material:

  • Rhoton top 100 website.
  • J Martin Neuroanatomy Text. 4th edition 2012.
  • Aid to the Examination of the Peripheral Nervous System 5th Ed.