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RFP: Joint Credential In Pediatric Neurological Surgery

RFP: Joint Credential In Pediatric Neurological Surgery

In order to maintain a recognized focused practice in Pediatric Neurological Surgery all ABPNS Diplomates are required to participate in the annual continuous certification (CC) program hosted by the ABNS (see detailed scenario below).

When the General & Emergency Principles of Neurosurgery Cognitive Learning Tool plus the Pediatric Principles of Neurosurgery Cognitive Learning module are completed then both the pediatric neurological surgery core principles and general neurological core principles satisfy the requirement for:

  • ABNS/ABPNS CC certification
  • ABNS/ABPNS CC  Focused Practice  in Pediatric Neurological Surgery dual credential

Commencing on July 1, 2017, physicians who wish to obtain both (a) an initial certification in general neurological surgery issued by the ABNS; and (b) an additional initial certification in pediatric neurological surgery, which certification shall be issued jointly by the ABNS and the ABPNS (except in cases where the physician received residency training in Canada), must meet the following requirements:

All ABPNS certificates are time-limited.

The recommended study material for the ABPNS written exam is below (not intended to be exhaustive):

Alan Cohen's Tricks of the Trade

Albright's Principles and Practice of Pediatric Neurosurgery