CC participants are advised to track their progress closely at MyABNS and adhere to all deadlines for the completion of the requirements. They may petition the ABNS for exemptions from certain requirements or extensions of time in which to complete them as applicable. Such exceptions and extensions will be granted only in rare instances under compelling circumstances, not in the normal course of events 
in which an individual simply missed a deadline or is “unable” to complete requirements within the mandated time frame.

Should annual requirements not be completed on time, the participant may enter a three-month grace period by paying the grace period fee. This allows them to complete the previous year requirements while working on the new annual requirements.

A diplomate who has not participated or not completed multiple annual requirements may be reinstated by paying the reentry fee and fulfilling other requirements established by the board to prove evidence of professional standing, lifelong learning and satisfactory performance in practice.

It is the responsibility of the diplomate to remain on track to avoid these penalties and must notify the board of any changes in contact information by submitting an email to