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Credit for Electives

Rotations away from your parent program must receive prior written consent from the ABNS. If credit is expected for any type of outside rotation, including research, your program director must write prospectively to the board requesting approval for the rotation, whether it is clinical or non-clinical. The letter must give brief details of the educational experience, where it will take place, under whom, and the time frame. Once the rotation is complete, a written evaluation of the training and how it contributed to your career goals should be submitted to the board.

  • Six-12 months of neurosurgery credit may be granted if it is neurosurgery or a subspecialty at another ACGME accredited program.
  • If the program is not ACGME accredited, elective credit will be given.
  • Rotations of less than three months are of questionable educational value and most likely will not be approved.

Send written request to

If not already done, it is important for you to contact Mr. Corey Parker and seek program approval by the Neurosurgery RC before proceeding with this elective experience.

Send written request to ACGME/RC

Up to 30 months of elective credit may be requested by a program director for prior educational experiences, such as a PhD degree in a relevant subject, clinical rotations (other than fellowships) obtained at an ACGME accredited programs and neurosurgical training completed outside of the U.S., particularly if the resident is certified in that country.

Written requests can be submitted by the program director to the ABNS. The request must include a complete description of the experience and justification for the request. Send written request to