2023 Adaptive Learning Tool Module: Neuro-Critical Care Neurological Surgery Core Principles without CME

This module of the ABNS learning tool consists of updated “core neurocritical care concepts” that are evidence based and supported by literature that has been introduced since initial certification. The intent is to update the learner on neurocritical care core principles. The goal is to educate and ensure that every learner has mastered the most recent, high-level, evidence-based literature on neurocritical care core principles so that they are a safer and more effective partner in their hospitals. The learning tool and corresponding modules was written and tested by ABNS directors with input from several other experts. The format is familiar, easy to use and effective. The web-based learning tool can be accessed 24/7 in the comfort of a learners’ home or office. It can be started, stopped or repeated as desired.

Learning tool details

This module includes ONLY the neurocritical care core principles required to maintain recognition of focused practice (RFP) in neurocritical care.

Diplomates should complete the tool and module annually to satisfy the requirement.

There are 4 core principles covered in this module.

Learning Objectives
• Recognize core neurological principles
• Review recent, high-level, evidence-based literature on neurocritical emergency neurological surgery principles
• Identify recent changes to evidence-based, core neurological surgery knowledge

The diplomate will note that a number of questions from last year’s Adaptive Learning Tool have been repeated on this year’s module. This is to allow the ABNS to study long-term recall and test-re-test capabilities of the examinees from one year to the next.

New This Year: In completing the 2023 adaptive learning tool modules you will find two new additions. First, if you give an incorrect answer to a given question, you will be “locked-out” for a period of time in order for you to return to the provided reference study to look up the correct answer. Secondly, if you list an incorrect answer, the order of the answer choices will be shuffled from one attempt to the next.