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Welcome to the ABNS 2020 Neuroanatomy Exam!

Before you begin the exam, please review the important reminders listed below. 

  • The exam is NOT an open book exam. 
  • The examination is presented as an initial 100-question exam, with a mix of standard multiple-choice questions and free-text entry questions for images derived from the Rhoton Collection, John Martin’s Neuroanatomy Atlas, and the pamphlet “Aids to the Examination of the Peripheral Nervous System”. 
  • Upon completion of the exam, you receive your score and the ability to review your answers.
  • If 100% is not achieved on the first attempt, the system will prohibit a second attempt until a waiting period of at least 7 days has occurred. 
  • Subsequent attempts are structured the same way. Each attempt is composed of the same number of similar questions as those answered incorrectly in prior attempts. If mastery is not achieved by the fourth attempt, ABNS will communicate next steps. 

Answering Free-text Entry Questions: 

  • Free-text entry questions are presented as images and are derived from the Rhoton Collection, the John Martin’s Neuroanatomy Atlas, or the pamphlet “Aids to the Examination of the Peripheral Nervous System.” 
  • For the Rhoton Collection images, the anatomic structure to be named is highlighted, some images will contain arrows pointing to the specific anatomical structure. 
    • In general, nerves and bones are highlighted in yellow and arteries in red, while foramina/sutures/cisterns/triangles/spaces are usually in green, as they appear in the Rhoton Top 100 images. 
    • If a segment of an artery is highlighted, you are expected to name that segment of the artery, not the entire artery. 
  • Anatomic structures are circled or indicated by arrows on the other images.
  • Type the anatomical term for the highlighted structure into the box below the image to answer a free-text entry question. 
    • When two or more characters of an anatomical term are typed, a dropdown list of keyword choices appear, click one keyword to answer the question. 
    • If nothing appears after typing two or more characters that term is not included in the exam. Be sure to check that the term is spelled correctly.  
    • The ability to click on and enter a searchable keyword term does not mean it is correct, only that the term was on the keyword list of searchable terms. 
    • DO NOT manually type a complete anatomical term—select only terms found within the keyword list. 
  • It is strongly recommended that the browser’s autocorrect feature be disabled. The autocorrect feature can interfere with the keyword list of searchable terms.

Navigating the Exam:

  • Advance through the exam by using the “Next” and “Back” buttons after selecting an answer. You will not be able to advance using the Next button unless an answer has been selected.
  • Advance through the exam – it is possible to flag questions for review by using the question matrix (boxes 1-100 shown below). The question you are currently on will be highlighted in blue.
  • The question number in the matrix turns green when answered.
  • The “Review Question” button allows you to flag a question for review before exam submission. 
    • Click the question number in the matrix (prior to selecting an answer) and then click the “Review Question” button. 
    • Move to the next question in the matrix and you will see the flagged question highlighted in yellow. 
    • Return to any flagged question by clicking on the question number then selecting and submitting your answer. 

Submitting the Exam:

  • The exam can only be submitted when all questions have been answered. Navigating back to prior to submitted can be done using the number matrix at the top of each question page.
  • To submit an exam, navigate to question 100.

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